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hellzz ya

hah i'm already a moderator and i havent even filled out an application yet! i feel special

Name:: Caitlin aka TumbleTiTs

Age:: 15

Location:: port washington, NY

Bands you like:: joy division, poison the well, scarlet, everytime i die, the blood brothers, norma jean the bled, nora, NIN, kill hannah, hopesfall, ima robot, eighteen visions, the postal service, billy talent, glassjaw, mindless self indulgence, a static lullaby, and a ton more

Bands you hate:: dashboard confessional, simple plan (and any other pop punk band for that matter)

Movies:: requiem for a dream, clockwork orange, american wedding, harry potter, the virgin suicides, 24 hour party people, fight club, home room, donnie darko, white oleander, house of a 1000 corpses, pink floyd-the wall, welcome to the dollhouse, mallrats, girl interrupted, zoolander, the nightmare before christmas

Best album of all time:: i have no money for CD's!! :(

Favorite quote:: "only the insane equate pain with succes"

Your favorite things to do:: hang out with rach, go to shows and the movies, eat at the chinese buffet or any place because i love food, go the mall, dance around my house to music

Best song:: "siamese gun" by the blood brothers (current favorite)

Who is hot:: rachel, hotties (lol), elvira, angelina jolie, mr. rodgers haha

What makes you hot:: ummm am i hot? lol

Would you fuck Uma:: hell ya uma = hot sexXx!!

Who makes you feel hot:: hot sex

Who should die:: even tho i could put a list consisting of about 100 people. at the moment my main annoyance is matt haha

Piercings/Tattoos:: two random ones on my upper ear that rachel pierced for me. soon to have a tattoo on my hip

Last show you attended:: alexisonfire, nora, my chemical romance and avenged sevenfold at the downtown

Random thought:: i wonder who invented the tongue ring..


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