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Location::vacaville, CA!
Bands you like:: bright eyes, hawthorn heights, coheed and cambria, bayside, modest mouse, starylight run, the killers, the used, senses fail and hecka more buba
Bands you hate::good charlotte er howeevr you spell it aha...simple plan...evenesscence
Movies::fear and loathing in las vegas, blow, road trip, american pie, idle hands..
Best album of all time::the beatles THE WHITE ALBUM
Your favorite things to do::hang out with my lover, hang with friends, talk on the phone er online, myspace, work on my eljay...
Best song::loveless wrists by bayside
Who is hot::my boyfriend!!
What makes you hot::pipis...haha
Would you fuck Uma::Uma thermon? heck no! she looks like a horse!! ahahaha!
Who makes you feel hot::MY BOY!! *meow*
Who should die::kirstie alley
Piercings/Tattoos::my lip and my ears four times
Last show you attended::The twisted christmas of last year
Random thought::IM HOT AZ FUCKKK! sheesh! ^_^
Atleast 3 photos..and make sure you use a lj cut Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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