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Name:: Alana
Age:: 15
Location:: Pdubz
Bands you like:: all of them? too long... co/ca, the movielife, i am the avalanche, head automatica, taking back sunday, richard cory, glassjaw... and more
Bands you hate:: idk?
Movies:: PHSYCO BEACH PARTY!!!! lotrs.... peewee herman (anything)...
Best album of all time:: idk too many
Favorite quote:: there are too many, and i own them all...
Your favorite things to do:: sexual shit, sleep, eat, sexual shit, go to shows, play guitar, sing, sexual shit... and uhh computer geek shit...
Best song:: too many.. DAMN!
Who is hot:: dan, jon, jolie, jessica, hannah, rach, nikki, sick boy.. lol, sean, umm more?
What makes you hot:: everyone ^above, water bondage, bondage, corsets, garters, garter belts, thigh highs, vibrators, dildos, strap ons, jellies, showers... more...
Would you fuck Uma:: maybe?
Who makes you feel hot:: umm dan, jon, jolie, jessica, hannah, rach, nikki, and um...
Who should die:: she knows who she is...
Piercings/Tattoos:: i have piercings...
Last show you attended:: on sunday.. northstar and moneen
Random thought:: i wish dan was here... im horny...
Atleast 3 photos::

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+ you like co/ca and glassjaw
+ you think rachie is hott
- a little too obsessed with sexual shit
- answered "idk" for too many of the questions
- wtf is a jellie?!?!
- could have at least put one quote you like

so yeah more -'s than +'s so ill have to say no
im obsessed with sex, who had sex with robbie like everyday? and yea ok idk... big fucking deal... and umm lets be special and bold it.. shall we?

+ your friends with rach
- your a bitch
- your stupid
- your fucked up and need to get a life
+ rachel already added me...
- you shouldnt be a mod
and finally you need to stop fucking picking on my cause you are too fucking obsessed. GET OVER IT... i dont like you, ive tried to be nice to you, what more can i do huh... everytime i make an effort to make things easy for rach and not make her have to choose you or me (unlike you did) than yea... see you come up with this lame ass shit like honestly... dont talk. Thanks =)