* (xmas_barbie) wrote in u_are_hot,

Name:: Tracy
Age:: 15
Location:: Long Island NY
Bands you like:: Brand New, The early november, senses fail, fallout boy, matchbook romance, taking back sunday, the used, sugarcult, muse, no doubt. etc
Bands you hate:: pop punk stuff (simple plan)
Movies:: cruel intentions, thirteen, sixteen candles, dirty dancing
Best album of all time:: deja entendu
Favorite quote:: What they call love is a risk, cause you will always get hit out of nowhere by some wave and end up on your own
Your favorite things to do:: getting drunk, meeting new people, hanging out with friends, music, shows
Best song:: The Irony of Dying on your Birthday- Senses Fail (currently)
Who is hot:: me! jk im not that conceided
What makes you hot:: idk!! my hair?
Would you fuck Uma:: who wouldnt!
Who makes you feel hot:: hot guys who dont caer about looks
Who should die:: lauren bieglmen (sp)
Piercings/Tattoos:: 2 in each ear
Last show you attended:: local show
Random thought:: rachel and caitlin are two of the hottest people ever known to man! and i love them!

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