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Name:: Alana
Age:: 15
Location:: Pdubz
Bands you like:: all of them? too long... co/ca, the movielife, i am the avalanche, head automatica, taking back sunday, richard cory, glassjaw... and more
Bands you hate:: idk?
Movies:: PHSYCO BEACH PARTY!!!! lotrs.... peewee herman (anything)...
Best album of all time:: idk too many
Favorite quote:: there are too many, and i own them all...
Your favorite things to do:: sexual shit, sleep, eat, sexual shit, go to shows, play guitar, sing, sexual shit... and uhh computer geek shit...
Best song:: too many.. DAMN!
Who is hot:: dan, jon, jolie, jessica, hannah, rach, nikki, sick boy.. lol, sean, umm more?
What makes you hot:: everyone ^above, water bondage, bondage, corsets, garters, garter belts, thigh highs, vibrators, dildos, strap ons, jellies, showers... more...
Would you fuck Uma:: maybe?
Who makes you feel hot:: umm dan, jon, jolie, jessica, hannah, rach, nikki, and um...
Who should die:: she knows who she is...
Piercings/Tattoos:: i have piercings...
Last show you attended:: on sunday.. northstar and moneen
Random thought:: i wish dan was here... im horny...
Atleast 3 photos::

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